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Meet Angela Smith

Founder and Owner of Just Live, LLC

 Hello, and welcome to Just Live, LLC!


My name is Angela B Smith and if you are seeking a more organized life, then you are in the right place. 



Founder Angela B. Smith has always had the gift of organizing, ever since she was eight years old. When asked about it she states,

"There was this time my siblings and I were jumping on a bed and I remember saying guys wait, stop! Let's fix the bed!"


While somewhat crazy for an eight-year-old, it was at that moment that she knew she liked things neat and in order.


Just Live, LLC was founded in 2016 with a mission to help people create order and spaces they love. Truth is having organization is vital to life because it gives you the ability to be productive, become more effective, reduces stress, allows a place for everything, and can be a time saver.


Angela B. Smith is a wife, mother, and a certified organizer. She is passionate about working with women and loves to see them thriving in life. She does this by helping people with space organizing via virtual or hands-on organizing management. She is totally devoted to seeing women fully living while making a difference that others can see.

Angela is committed to helping women with a focus on them thriving in life. She strives to give them the skills needed to apply in different areas while getting them organized.


Some of our services consist of personal home/ office (work) organization, virtual organizing, A La Corte services, and organization coaching; which is hands-on (either one on one or in groups).  We customize every service with you in mind; ensuring that you have the help to really succeed. We will assist you in reaching a greater potential for accomplishing your goals.

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