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Relocation Services

Is it time to move either into your new home and out of your old one? No need to worry about the organization portion of loading or unloading of your items. If you need relocation packages we can help.

Our Relocation Service Packages


Relocation Package

Consists of packing and unpacking home

1. $85  (per hr/1 person)

2. $125 (per hr/2 people)

3. $155 (per hr/3 people)

Moving Coordination

Consists of organizing/ overseeing move from start to finish, stopping/starting new services (includes finding providers in new area), hiring movers, transferring any service (cable, internet, mail), 3 hours of packing or unpacking

( includes our organizer), and ordering supplies for the move.

Starting rate $560.00

Schedule your relocation consultation or book a service

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