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Hi I'm Angela, An Expert in Organizing

If you are seeking a more organized life, then you are in the right place.

Founded in 2012, Just Live has a mission to help people get up and get organized. Being organized is vital to life because it gives you the ability to be productive, become more effective, it can reduce stress, allows a place for everything, and is a time saver.


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Harriet G.

"Angela and her team were an absolute Godsend for me. I had very complex health issues that had really worn me down and I had little to no energy. That resulted in a very unorganized household. Angela is extremely kind, compassionate, nonjudgmental, professional (great work ethic), and goes beyond the call of duty to assist you. Her teammates she brings into your home are the same. I cannot express the amount of stress they lifted off my shoulders with her services and how much of a blessing she was to me. Her heart is truly in her work and what she does for you. I cannot recommend her services enough"

Home organization

Ana S.

"Angela and her team are amazing! Everything we asked for they were right there to help. There were things not in our agreement, but when asked they went over and above to get it done. The guys made sure they took good care of our things while moving. We can truly say Just Live is a company that really cares about the persons' needs!" 

Professional organizing

Kim M.

"VERY personable! I had a large project and they were very friendly, reasonably priced, and ON TIME!"

Organize Your Life

If you are ready to get organized be sure to download some of our FREE lists, schedules & home management printables, and more. 

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