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13 life-changing decluttering hacks to make 2021 your most organized year yet

With so much going on in the entire world, you might not be so focused on what's going on in your home, especially when it comes to clutter. Clutter is a sign of too many things, uncontrollable excess, too many thoughts and there are too many responsibilities. But as the outbreak continues to make the world seem out of control, there are some ways to gain some control over your life. At the same time, you can also create a much-needed sense of normalcy in 2021. The way to do both is to organize your space at home.

Even with the beginning of the new year, it is safe to say that children will still spend part of their school time distance learning. And adults will spend more months away. With these 13 life-changing decluttering hacks can help you and your family feel empowered to take control of this important part of your life and see positive results from it.

Eliminate the clutter by thinking about children

More than anyone else, children may feel a lack of control over their lives. You can help them feel in control by helping them clean their rooms. (If space permits, you can even create a place where they can comfortably do their homework and play.) Even younger children want to make decisions about their space and things. They may need a little more help or motivation to get rid of the clutter, but it's safe to say that they will feel stronger and less bogged down in things when their task is completed.

Declutter for a better life today and tomorrow

It may seem hard to believe, but one day we will return to a life without isolation, where the home does not have to be a classroom and office cubicle. However, you won't regret taking the time now to streamline your life in search of a more comfortable, productive and stress-free present - and future.

Deciding what to throw away

This is where people often have their biggest problems. Here are some general patterns when it comes to rejection. One is to discard things when they are no longer functional, such as when something breaks down beyond repair, or when part of a kit is broken. Another is to throw out obsolete items, such as clothes that are no longer in fashion or don’t wear, or items related to a past event.

Clean your home professionally

There is nothing better than walking into a beautiful, clean house, but who has time to spend a weekend wiping down baseboards and cleaning windows? Cleaning your home professionally can make a huge difference to the look, feel and smell! It's the best time to clean your home professionally and declutter all things which are no longer needed. Clean chimneys and your roof and all part of your home professionally.

Sell items you no longer need

During decluttering, you will likely come across quite a few items that you can potentially sell. These items can be sold in a variety of ways, from clothing that has been gently used to unnecessary furniture. There are several marketplaces for second-hand items: LetGo, eBay, Gone, Facebook, Craigslist, Local Consignment Stores, Trade-in Programs,, and OfferUp. You can donate your items or make auctions for it too.

Declutter old papers and bills

There are many applications and software out there to digitize your paper documents, so start by shredding documents and scanning old photos. Get rid of paper bills by ditching paper documents.

Not only is this a great way to avoid using paper, but digitizing your copies prevents them from being lost later when you really need them. Dispose of leftover or junk mail if you haven't already.

Try these quick and easy steps to accomplish this:

1. Sort into these 2 piles

A. File

B. Trash/shred

Once you’re done with step one.

2. Take pile A and sort it into their own individual categories to file away such as medical, bank, car, etc.

Digital clutter

Emails that arrive anytime, social media notifications that never stop, and the list goes on. The benefit of removing digital clutter is that you can reduce the number of distractions that distract your attention from what matters most, including being present in your own life.

Here are some ways to do it: unsubscribe from brands you no longer want to hear about, remove unused apps from your smartphone by unsubscribing from toxic friends and influencers on social media accounts (those that make you feel bad/unhappy with your life, clean up your phone photo libraries and delete numbers and emails from people no longer in your life.

Get Rid of Cardboard

Do you put away a box in the attic or basement every time you buy a new appliance? "Whether it's a blender, an audio system or lipstick, our homes are awash with cardboard. We sincerely believe that, just in case, we must save the boxes in which everything arrived. We think we'll be looking for these boxes when it's time to collect these moving items. The boxes take up too much valuable floor space, create visual havoc and attract rodents. So get rid of it to make room.

Declutter old Makeup and Beauty Products

Like the food in your pantry, most beauty products have an expiration date. If you are unsure, search Google for the expiration date of your mascara. This is probably much shorter than you think. "If you can't remember when you bought or opened an item, chances are it has expired, as it usually takes six to 12 months from opening." Start the year off with products that suit you and your skin. "

Teach the "One in, one out" rule

Children need to understand that storage space is limited and that continued accumulation will ultimately lead to disorder and chaos. When they receive a new toy or new jeans, send an old one to the donation basket or pass it down to a sibling.

Make pet food more manageable

Rather than scooping Fido's food out of a dangerously flexible bag, minimize the chance of a large spill by pouring the food into a larger basket with a wide mouth. Consider storage can for pet and organize your pet food and make yourself and your pet clutter-free.

Block out the clutter with something pretty

Since it is often too easy to throw things somewhere, flip the script and make it harder to create congestion. "Place a framed plant, figurine, or photograph on side tables, or add a slider or centerpiece to your dining table.

Old Food and condiments

It's clear that you stocked up during quarantine, but did you clean the kitchen and pantry first? "Many kitchens are overflowing with food, so it can be difficult to find what you're looking for. Excess is not only expired food, but food that is still good but probably won't be eaten until it's expired or stale. Some examples are foods that were purchased in excess during the pandemic, ingredients that were used once for a recipe and were never touched again, snacks that you have tried but no one in your home wants to eat, and food gifts that you not sure how to use.

The above is what I think is fast and light, easy to do and to make your 2021 clutter free. Many people are busier than ever during this period, trying to cope with homeschooling, work, and household chores. It is important to be realistic about finding small projects that can be completed in a limited time. With these tips in mind, set your own goals for what you expect from organizing your home in the new year. Make sure you are realistic about your decisions in order to cross them off your list as completed. Happy new year and a newly organized home!

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