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6 things you need to stay organized during the holidays

Holidays can be chaotic and stressful between shopping, cooking, guest preparation, and gift wrapping. A little planning and organization will help you relieve some of that stress. Proper home storage space can help prevent cluttered buildup, spend more time on more critical activities, and make the holiday season more enjoyable.

How to stay organized during the holidays

Here are a few things to consider to enjoy this beautiful time and make memories.

Creating a list of everything you need to prepare for your vacation is the first step in organizing. You can gain an advantage by putting all your thoughts and ideas together in one place. Don't miss one of the following:

• Who are you planning to buy for (and details about each gift idea, size, budget, etc.)

• Packaging material

• Create a greeting card mailing list

• Ideas for meals or desserts you plan to use and related recipes

• Sheets and tableware required for meals

• House cleaning project

Prepare the kitchen

Holidays are a great time to try different recipes or start a freshly baked cookie with your kids. When you plan these moments, an organized kitchen makes them even easier. Before cooking and baking, make sure all frying pans, cookie cutters, and appliances are clean and ready to use. When doing this, note expired, worn, or rarely used kitchen accessories and throw them away or add a new one to your list.

Organize your living space

Looking around and thinking, "What should I do to plan my holiday?", It may be as easy as cleaning up your living space. Take advantage of closets, children's toys, and other cluttered home areas. You may also find some similar new items that you can give again. Get better ideas about what they should say when you re-evaluate your items and ask what they will get you for Christmas. The last thing you need is a replica of a toy that kids barely play with.

Many people use storage units for Christmas decorations to keep their closets and attics clutter-free. Use the time before the holidays to access your self-storage—swap summer items for winter clothes, ornaments, and extra blankets.

Make space for Christmas cards

It's the season to send and receive handwritten cards and family photos to loved ones. If you have many recipients on your list, it is helpful to create the space specified for the card. Choose a table to organize your cards, envelopes, family photos, and stamps. Now is a great time to update your roster, whether physical or digital. In addition to creating a post station, it's a good idea to create a space to display postcards sent by friends and family. You can clean up old notes and magnets from the fridge or save Mantel's space between party decorations.

Arrange an after party

If you have the energy and time, an after-party is an excellent way to kill a certain number of birds with one stone. And it helps bring things back to normal in a fast, fun, and social practice. For example, you can give party leftovers to party guests or give away unwanted wine or food. Also, invite guests to see the holiday-specific decorations before packing. It can help you find out what is unnecessary, broken, or damaged. For what you want to get rid of, you can go directly to the trash bin or charity pile or give it to your party guests if they need it.

After all, the most important advice we can give you is to take care of yourself! You don't want to get sick or depressed on holidays, especially when illness can make you more vulnerable. We understand that it can be difficult to hide with a lot of work to do, but trust us, if you're not in the best mood, staying organized for the holidays is impossible. Stay hydrated, get plenty of rest, stick to your workout routine, and most importantly, don't feel stressed.

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