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When thinking about self-care, organizing may not be the first thing that comes to mind. Self-care is about taking a walk, making nutritious meals, and reading good books. It may sound a little strange, but being organized is an essential part of self-care.

Self-care is about acting to protect and promote health and psychophysical well-being. I discovered this concept when I practiced self-care; I felt much better and uplifted. But what's here isn't just behavior that feels good at the moment. It also takes time for your future self to thank you.

It involves making changes that require some work, such as creating a new system or developing a new habit which brought dramatic changes in my life. Self-care is about doing good things for your physical and mental health, making you feel calm, focused, and helps control your life. I found to get control of things by organizing everything.

Organizing my home was very beneficial and vital for my mental health as I managed a lot of time for my self-care routines. Here are some ways being organized helps with your self-care.

Improved my social life

Being unorganized made me miss out on social interaction. If I feel embarrassed about the mess, I am unlikely to invite someone or have a party. When I hosted, I used to feel stressed and tried to get rid of it. Sometimes I felt anxious. As I worked to get out of it, I realized that this does not have to happen. As I changed how to organize myself and adapted my cleaning habits according to my taste and wish, I experienced more freedom in my social life. Now I can be the source of the party as well as the participant.

Reduces stress and anxiety

Sometimes after spending a long day at work, I could not relax on returning when I opened the door and realized that a haven had become a war zone when the sofa is covered with clothes, who can relax on it. And moving around the house wasn't an adventure.Studies have shown that disorganized homes cause stress and anxiety in many people, but they are often not recognized as triggers for anxiety or a source of stress. Clutter always offers me more distractions until I manage to get rid of it. Unknowingly, whenever my home was cluttered, my productivity dropped. Consider working in a crowded coffee shop. Think about all the stimuli and noise. Can you concentrate? Probably not. Stress is the same as being surrounded by clutter, at least for your brain. Whenever I feel more pressure or frustration than usual, I always take a look at my home. What does my home look like? My mind will follow!!

Improves my morning

What can be more stressful when you can't find the sweater you want to wear in a cold office. Or one pair of your comfortable work shoes. If I start the day incorrectly, I tend to follow the same trends all day long. Making my day feel longer than it really was and not really being as productive as I should have. In the end, I feel stressed out after a bad day at work. Instead I make sure I maximized my time by organizing my space and changing my typical morning routine cluttered and rushed. When I have time, I have breakfast, enjoy the commute, and look forward to the day.

Increase confidence

Organizing increases my self-esteem. This particular benefit of organizing may not seem like a direct result. However, it can be the result of a chain reaction that begins with a choice to get organized. Creating a space you can live and breathe in. Organizing helps me to be happy, save money, and be proud of my home and be more productive every time. Being truly in a consistent calm when I have my things in order boosts my self-esteem giving me the confidence to take on anything.

Promote creativity

As explained earlier, a disorganized living space reflects a confused or disorganized mind. But when you are organized, suddenly your mind has room to think, know, and grow! When your mind is not overwhelmed by work or stimulus, it can wonder and think. Sometimes I stir up my painting( journal and pen) tools and pave the way for a masterpiece! I can think of something fun, a new way to track my habits with a bullet journal, or an event I can plan with my friends. When my home is organized, my mind is open to anything. These are what makes us truly human. Creativity brings us to life. Giving us a fulfilling time with our loved ones. To dream, create and explore!

Make it an act of service

I remember the last time I donated something and How good It felt. Organizing my home changed my life and gave me a feeling of completeness. Dealing with my clutter, I found some things that I no longer used. I did not want to use it anymore, but someone could.

This helps me to separate even the most sentimental items. Donations are easier when I remember that someone uses something better and appreciates it more than I can.

Where to start

I started by thinking, what do you feel confused about?

• Am I worried that I may have forgotten something (date or someone's birthday)?

• Don't know when and where to be?

• I can't find things when I need them?

I thought comprehensively, Is it anything at home or in my head that is bothering me. For complete self-care, organizing is necessary to promise and prioritize your life.

I made a note of what I felt confused about. Prioritizing them and then promising myself to deal with them one at a time made me successful. Processing one task gives me more sense of accomplishment and confidence and frees me for more time to work on the next task. Slowly but surely, I developed habits and systems that helped my daily life smoother, calmer, and more controllable.

What is the best benefit of being organized?

The best advantage of organizing myself was it reduced stress and made me more productive and efficient. Organizing always seems to do too much; if there is a way to eliminate some of the "unnecessary" steps to save time and energy, go.

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