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Empty Spaces

Ever wonder where the “extra decorations”on tables and/or countertops 

come from? Well, these “extra decorations” I’m talking about are the things a person walks in their home with only to put it anywhere. Those areas that keeps getting cluttered day after day, little by little. .

People see empty spaces and start to think that this is a good spot for this or that. It’s always a for now thought, I will move it later. In reality, you never move the piles of clutter. Our brains are trained that something has to go in that spot. When people see empty, their thoughts pushes them to put something there.


This causes empty spaces to become a dumping ground for random things. Clutter in your environment can cause stress. If accumulated fast enough you will eventually have an out of control mess.

Here is one thing I tell my clients. First, clear the cluttered from tables and countertops. Then, find some type of “real decorations” to put in that spot. For example, a nice vase or a flower pot. This will signal your brain that nothing else can go in that spot. This will also make a person truly see that the random items don't go there. The look of a nice flower pot and clutter does not fit well together. 

So, take time today to see if you have that one area that has became a dumping zone. Clear it out before it gets too late.

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