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5 Simple Ways To Declutter Your Home

HOORAY! It’s that time of year again! Time to say bye, bye to the clutter and hello peace and relaxation. Busy, busy is what a lot of us are. I’m a wife, a mother of four energetic boys and much more. We all can use a way out of the clutter funk. Sometimes it may seem like the buildup is never ending from this mountain of clothes to that unbelievable pale of paper. The key to decluttering is staying consistent and committing to the process. Some people declutter because it relieves stress by providing a sense of control and accomplishment. For others, decluttering frees up a little extra space in the house that wasn’t there before. According to an interview done by CNN of Marie Kondo, "By clearing space, she explained, we do more than just save time and money. We raise our self-esteem and shift energy." Here are 5 simple ways to declutter your home.

Create a de-clutter to-do list

You will cross off each task as you complete it. I love this idea because it gives you a way to track your progress. Also, if you don’t finish all the items on the to-do list you can move it to the next day or the time you have set dedicated to organizing.

Stick to the ‘one touch rule’

You would use this for paperwork such as mail. Sort it as soon as it arrives by recycling it, filing or take action.

One room at a time

Go from room to room and organize items that doesn’t already have a place (the floor isn’t a place) into keep, donate and throw away. If you have a maybe pale you don’t need it.

Keep a basket or box

You will get a box or basket for either each room in your home or each person in your home. Put it on the stairs or in a location that you walk past often. Label the basket. As you walk around the house and happen to find things that doesn’t belong in a certain area you would take it and put it in the basket/box for where that item should go. Once the basket is full sort through and put everything back where it belongs.

Keep an outbox

You will fill a bag, box or basket with items you no longer need or use. Ask your self do you love it? Do you need it for your home? Do I use it? Click this video on how to start and declutter with an outbox.

To declutter is to find a balance in your home between clear and clean, but cozy and warm and inviting. Nobody wants to live in a stressful clutter filled environment and nobody wants to visit a stressful home. Your home is a place where you should come to escape the craziness outside of your doors. Paying attention to your home should be at the top of the importance list. Decluttering is the gate way to organizing. Once you are finished decluttering then and only then can you start organizing things into those little cute bins that you may see in before and after pictures. Remember you can not manage clutter chaos because eventually the chaos will manage you. As always, you got this!!!

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