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How To Slay At Organizing, When You Already Slay at Work?

Slaying doesn’t have to only mean the way you dress. You can slay in every area of your life, including organizing, handling things like a BOSS! I have helped many people over the years, mostly women, who wear many hats. One of the many hats that they were is working full-time. I find that all of them are slaying at working full-time but need a little help with creating order at home. As women we succeed at a lot of things. Never to think in a million years that our homes would need some help to. Sometimes feeling like stepping into our homes was complete chaos. Causing the feeling of being overwhelmed, not knowing where to start or who to turn to. Trust me, I’ve been there! Feeling embarrassed about what people would say about your chaos; to falling into a slump feeling like your life is out of control. Slaying at work is something that many have accomplished and now it’s time to slay at home. Creating the order you need and deserve. In this organizing blog are a few tips to slay at organizing your home.

Get rid

Get rid of clothes you don’t wear or haven’t worn in long time. The less clothes you have the less you must wash. This will help you stay on top of your laundry, because now you have no choice , but to wash clothes.

Stick to it

Stick to a cleaning routine. Having a cleaning routine and being consistent will help you maintain your home in good clean fashion. You wouldn’t have to rush and clean things when people say they are coming over, you would have that part in control.

Create a Menu

Post several weekly dinner meals to make grocery shopping and meal planning easier. This will help cut down on the amount of time you spend grocery shopping.


Makes things accessible for your kids to help. They can only help make things easier for you if it's accessible and safe for them.

Find a place

Make sure everything in your home has somewhere to go. If an item doesn’t fit without things falling out the cabinet, it doesn’t stay in your home. Too many things create clutter build-up causing things to be everywhere.

Use your walls

Walls are always the places in our home that doesn’t get shown any love. Hang canvas bins to free up your floor space utilizing the blank wall space you have.

You now have some tips to help you slay organizing your home. You can do it with one step at a time. So, don’t just slay at work slay at home and get things done!

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