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7 ways to organize any small space

From organizing tiny spaces for my pretty dolls during childhood till now, it's my favorite hobby. I love to take challenges to organize small spaces in creative yet cute and functional all at the same time. It means arranging the things to perform double duty.

Small spaces can be a beautiful place to live in if we organize it how they look- beautiful, and here comes creativity.

Make your entrance:

Many small homes don't have a separate entrance or its really small, and believe me; it's okay if you can figure out how to make it with furniture alone. If you walk from your front door to the living room, a small dresser or chest can make not only the entrance a little clear but also an attractive space where you can store extra shoes, hats, and book bags!

Use built-in spaces:

In small spaces, the built-in interior can make a big difference to the atmosphere of the home. Free-standing furniture can appear cluttered and doesn't always make the most of the space you have. Therefore, if possible, embedded or bench storage can provide attractive storage space while maximizing space. Built-in glass doors provide organizing options while keeping the visual space more open.

Organize your closet carefully:

There is a lot of space in the closet so you can stay calm, cool and get together even in a small apartment. You can't shake the wand to increase the space in your closet, but you may be able to use what you have more efficiently. The most organized home container store, yes, a closet with a custom closet is a game-changer (and in my opinion, it's definitely worth the investment). There's much you can do with a budget organizer: a shoe organizer (not just shoes and PS), storage drawers, and highly effective containers. Invest your time and money in planning how to use every corner of your cabinet, and you will be rewarded. Also, if you don't have enough space in your closet, we recommend that you consider buying a stand alone closet to put things.

Dedicated space for craft:

So not all of us having a small space have a room dedicated to crafts! How do we survive? Of course, the craft rooms are beautiful, but in the small space, it's a premium. You live in a small space doesn't mean you don't have a cute space dedicated to crafts and packaging. Think beyond the "whole room" and think about how to use some of your space. You probably don't need to cut down and keep as many crafts as someone devoting the entire room to crafts or projects, but you can find a small corner for the basics of what you want to do must!!!

I keep an eye out for some doors in my house, which I am determined to use for craft storage and paper wrapping. You can use different door hanging storage to store craft supplies.I may not have the entire room for crafts, but that's no excuse for being unorganized! You can quickly explore what you are looking for; this is also a big plus as you are much more likely to use your craft!

Pieces that work in different ways are perfect for storing and organizing small spaces. For example, a home office can be challenging to create in a little square foot, but strategically placed shelves can act as storage and desk space. Small stools slide under the countertop, and small baskets and bins keep your essentials stylish.

Use your window

Natural light brightens dark corners and makes a cramped room look bigger. However, windows can also swallow walls and otherwise serve as a potential storage location (indeed my favorite place to bring creativity 😁). To maximize storage capacity and light, consider hanging racks, shelves by windows to store accessible pots, pans, and everyday dishes.

Everyone is having a hard time letting go of the book.

Even the most straightforward minimalists seem to have weaknesses in books (including myself!). In my opinion, being a small space homeowner came up with various creative ways to store books, with some drool-worthy bookcases. However, I discovered the top secret to having books organized lies in removing your collection at least once every year. Fortunately, donating books is accessible in most communities. Be honest with yourself that you will never read those books again or use your local library if you just need a to read old books again.

Here is an example of a small space being organized.

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