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New Year Resolutions and Organizing

Yayyy for 2018! It’s almost that time of year again. The time when people start making New Years resolutions. You know the ones that start off like “I will start my workout routine in 2018”, “no more negativity and letting go of the past”, my favorite one, “new year new me”.

In the majority of peoples’ New Years resolution, no one mentions clutter or even organization. Is it because clutter is something that isn’t on the brain? Or is it on the brain so much that we don’t realized how cluttered our lives really are? Or your life is so cluttered that you would rather not deal with it?

We get overwhelmed year after year. Thinking about the new year, setting new goals and trying new things. Did you know, according to CBS News, that 8.3 million Americans stuffer from some type of stressed related disorder? Stress can be caused by becoming overwhelmed both mentally and physically.

Let’s start with the physical things. People accumulate things year after year, until it consumes them only to become a distraction. The accumulation of things surroundings a person puts an extra layer of stress on what they see in their environment. This is why people loss focus, soon to forget about that New Years resolution that was made on January 1st.

Clutter in our environment causes a person to shift and think about the thing they see on a consistent base. Let’s make a different New Years resolution. The one about getting organized and getting rid of the clutter. By doing this, it can help a person stay focused and on track with the new goals they have set. There is no grating to get distracted than by the environment that surrounds a person. Let 2018 be a year of order, getting organized so that you can accomplish more than ever before. Being productive and reaching your goals. Cheers to the new year!

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