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Organizing Essentials To Maintaining A Home

In life we can get overwhelmed with wearing different hats, especially for women. We can quickly become the soccer mom, volleyball coach, designer, nurse and so much more. We all have busy lives, which is a consistent part of who we are. At some point it can get a little out of control if you don’t maintain it. So here are four tips to help you maintain your home.

1. Get everyone in your home involved

There are many ways you can do this by making it fun and giving everyone something to do. Either its wiping down the tables or vacuuming the floors. To make it fun with some friendly competition. Each day a person is assigned to do something you give them a point for it being complete. At the end of the week whomever has the most points gets to pick where the family will eat for dinner or some type of prize. This takes some pressure from one person to do it all; making everyone feel needed.

2. Don’t use it, don’t keep it

Getting rid of unnecessary things are important. Having things that aren’t being used laying around can cause more stress than you think. It will make you feel as if things are all over the place. My 3 to 6 month rule; if you haven’t used it in this time frame you probably will not use it at all.Here is a video on purging to help you with this.

3. Get Systems

Having systems in place can help you manage and reduce your stress. Systems are ways that can help you function better in your home causing you to be more productive. Some examples of systems are a paper, schedule, cleaning, shopping, clothes, laundry and much more.

Often times people think they can do it on their own, but we all at some point need a little help. Professional organizers are an expert in these areas, which can make it easier for you long term. You will sleep a lot better knowing that everything you needed to complete is done.

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